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Ken Ball, CEO of Campfire Audio and ALO Audio has been very busy these past couple of months. They were working on some new products and the aim was to go beyond what’s been accomplished with Campfire Audio’s first line of IEMs. Fast forward today, the introduction to these new gems is finally realised. All the photos exhibited here were provided by Campfire Audio and I believe they were all taken by Ken Ball himself – a talented photographer.

So, here’s what’s new…

Following the success of the award winning Campfire Audio Jupiter quad balanced armature in ear monitor and the single driver Orion IEM, Campfire Audio is happy to announce the final development and preview pre release of the 2 totally new in ear monitor models at this years Axpona show in Chicago, and then 10 days later at the fujiya avic headphone festival, The Campfire Audio Nova and Campfire Audio Andromeda.


Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 6.49.03 PM


New Nova Image
The Nova builds off the Orion model by refining and expanding on the foundation of the Orion. With its dual full range driver complement it delivers a full rich audiophile loving sound that leaves no portion of the frequency response untouched.


The Andromeda is Campfire Audio’s flag ship product, building upon the successes of Jupiter and further pushing the envelope of possibilities of the Jupiter, the Andromeda takes your listening pleasure to the next level. Enhanced mid rage and refined bass grip makes the Andromeda a truly out of this world listening experience!


New Andromeda Image
Both new models come with custom made PVD silver machined watch screws and 100% CNC billet aluminum shells. The Nova and Andromeda shells now have chemically etched surface treatment then are bright dip anodized, emerald green (Andromeda) and gunmetal grey (Nova).


Both new offerings from Campfire Audio come with Campfire Audio’s new litz wire IEM cable. This new IEM cable is a superior grade cable that rivals any “upgrade” IEM cable. Designed for both advanced ergonomics and sonic abilities this new cable delivers unparalleled sound right out of the box.




Andromeda and Nova are proudly built in the great state of Oregon US of A.
Campfire Audio Nova $499 and Andromeda $1099

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